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Advanced Inkjet Technology ScreenPRO600 With Exposure System

ScreenPRO 600 - Industrial CTS (Computer-to-Screen) Imaging System

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Customer Testimonial

"The Screen Pro 600 reproduces a much finer, cleaner dot than the industry standard Computer-to-screen device. The dot quality is so good, we were able to soften and sharpen our color separations to accommodate for the additional dots we were getting. We also were able to set profiles in the Screen Pro 600 to replicate the dot gain we were getting on our other CTS device so we can run them in tandem.

Overall, the print quality of the Screen Pro 600 is better than our other CTS machine and we love the redundancy of having two CTS machines in house for failover and reducing bottlenecks.

The Screen Pro 600 is also faster than our other machine and it has more manual settings to support different approaches to exposure. If you want to image both sides of a screen, you can easily hit the “manual expose” button to maximize the efficiency of your screens.

We also love that it’s only 1 print head- that creates less uncertainty and easier maintenance. I highly recommend the Screen Pro 600- it has been a boon to the productivity in our pre-press department and we love the quality of the screens it can print. We also thoroughly enjoyed working with Geoff to hone the rip software to our style of printing. They have been fantastic."

- Steph Shea
AMPRO Sportswear